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“Over the last 15 years, I developed the vision and product ideas that have laid the foundation for our company.

Several years ago, I engaged in casual brainstorming sessions with two colleagues. These sessions were a safe space for sharing ideas, but the core concepts and vision for my company and products remained my own creation.

As I moved forward with my company’s launch, a discussion about equity arose. Initially, in a spirit of inclusivity, I agreed to include these colleagues, and agreed to an equal equity arrangement. However, it became clear that our contributions and visions for the company’s future were not aligned.

Consequently, we reached a mutual agreement for their departure, allowing the company to refocus on its original mission and vision. This decision was pivotal in strengthening our company’s direction and commitment to its foundational ideas.

As we turn this new page in our journey, our focus is sharper than ever on our groundbreaking mission: to build the ultimate AI collaboration platform. This pivotal moment in our company’s story is not just a step toward achieving our ambitious goals, but a leap forward into a world where technology and human ingenuity converge for the greater good.

We invite our investors, partners, and the global community to join us in this exciting and transformative venture, as we surge forward to create a sustainable and thriving world for the next 100 years.”

Matthew Schuler, CEO

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