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Sol is the ultimate AI collaboration platform for leading scientists, technologists, and visionaries to address Earth’s major challenges.

Make progress on climate. inequality. microplastics. aging. water.

How does it work? Get verified, discover projects, create impact.

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Industry leaders review your work, then accept you into their exclusive network

Showcase your expertise, amplify your impact.

Our simple and easy skill verification process ensures that you join a community of peers who are authentic, and forms the foundation for meaningful collaborations and groundbreaking innovations.

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Follow your curiosity and discover amazing people making a real difference
Join groundbreaking projects that resonate with you

Transform your community, city, country, and world.

Work alongside Earth’s best and brightest and find meaning, purpose, and the best parts of yourself.

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Work alongside remarkable people to drive real metrics forward
Improve the world around you

The age of generative AI is here.

The age of collaborative AI is coming.

Harnessing advanced AI, we transform Earth’s abundant and complex data into clear, actionable insights.

Our platform empowers changemakers by revealing hidden connections and opportunities. We make data meaningful.

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208 problems solved

Join thousands of people like you and help turn the tide on Earth’s greatest challenges.

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Local fisheries are collapsing, help diagnose and solve the problem
Ideate to help residents implement better water purification systems
Launch ocean cleanup initiatives with a community
Decrease deforestation using simulated problem solving


Meet remarkable people who dare to dream big and make it happen.

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Submit a work sample to get verified. Simple and easy.

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Tired of the grind? Spend a few hours per week making a real difference and transforming planet Earth.

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Follow your curiosity and explore initiatives making a real difference.

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As you grow Sol grows with you. Unlock new skills and challenges.

Reshape Earth

Apply what you know to solve puzzles that help others. We partner with cities and regions to take on intriguing challenges.

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Launch a project.

Have a project idea? We're the cybernetic suit that superpowers your initiatives. Sign up & experience Sol.

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