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Matthew Schuler


Formerly Cameo and Facebook


5th gen Swiss Austrian. Grew up poor in the countryside of Kansas. Futurist and realist smashed together. Started retail companies in S Africa. Seeing Luke at the end of Mando S2 was the best.

Matt Lumpkin


Product in medtech and higher ed


1-yr-old got diagnosed with diabetes and built an ambient awareness wearable in his garage. Product and product design for a variety of medtech and ed companies.

Dr. Ryan Bolger


Cultural anthro & neuroscience


Pioneered the first accredited online degree in his industry. Currently teaches on integrated spirituality and human potential.

Someone Awesome

Senior Data Engineer

Formerly somewhere amazing


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Luis Castro

Full Stack

Cameo and Free Now


Currently working from Barcelona, Spain. Making products that work fast, are easy to use, persuasive, relevant to the customer and fit in the business environment.

I have also contributed to a couple non-profit organizations like Debt-Collective creating software allowing them to accept donations and give accountability for both the end-user donating to the cause and the NGO.

I speak English (Full professional proficiency) and Spanish (Native or bilingual proficiency) and if you want to know, I love cooking, music and photography, which I combine with my love for traveling around the world and meeting new cultures.

Jackson Jhin

Founding Advisor

SVP at Cameo


Music producer and VC @ChicagoVentures. This is the only thing I’ve ever been famous for: Feel free to request shoutouts, compliments, or songs 🙂

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