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Mallory Contois




I’m currently running operations at metafy
I’m an angel investor. startup advisor and a scout for accel
I was previously the director of product ops and customer experience at cameo
I took a winding road to get here, and it’s my biggest asset
I’m a cancer survivor
I’m a bunch of other things too

Things I believe
// We are all humans doing our best and we should be nice to each other

// The lines between B2B and B2C are getting very blurry as individuals monetize their skills and talents (ex. creators, subject matter experts, real estate agents, celebrities) – they need the functionality of B2B tooling and expect the delightful UX of a B2C product

// Education and career pathing need to fundamentally shift to remove socioeconomic, bias and access blockers

// Removing barriers to entry for both artistic and technical creation with AI/ML and platform layering will power the next generation of successful tools

Dr. Pam Park


Founder, Leader Studio UC Berkeley


Vision: I believe that to solve the world’s toughest problems, we need to find and develop more North Star leaders with game-changing ideas.

Problem: Leadership is increasingly important as we face complex global challenges such as climate change and cybersecurity. Yet leaders who can tackle these hard problems don’t always know how to self-diagnose their leadership style or maximize their impact.

Research: In my Harvard Business School study on high impact leaders, I found two archetypes of leaders. Gold Star Leaders seek broad impact by rising high in influential organizations. They are politically savvy operators who can deftly navigate complex systems. North Star Leaders seek deep impact by crossing boundaries in pursuit of a solution to a specific problem. They are visionary founders and moonshot thinkers with high standards for knowledge and talent.

Key Issue: Both types of leaders are needed to create and build innovative, industry-shaking organizations. However, ventures can experience friction if North Star and Gold Star C-suite executives are not aligned.

Mission: My mission is to accelerate high impact leaders and “All Star” teams through star leadership evaluation, insights, and development. Maximizing a leader’s respective star takes awareness, learning agility, and practice.

Tara Gilboa




i enjoy helping founders think like scientists.


Tyler Palmer


VP Ops Patreon


What I wanted to be what I grew up:

NHL hockey player —>artist/rockstar—>operations guy

Currently I am an operations guy at Patreon trying to help artists/rockstars and I play hockey outside of work, so it all worked out nicely.

Alexis Duran




Software crafter, passionate about building accessible user-facing apps, optimising processes, sharing knowledge and living my best life.

I am a tech guy (duh!). I love computers, coding, video-games and nature. More than everything I enjoy the adventure and discovering new things. I can be super competitive, but I will never take over anyone while achieving success for myself, I strongly believe in this Doc Rivers “Ubuntu” boston celtics where in summary I will be better if my team is better. I am the type of person that takes loyalty seriously and that has a strong social sense, always looking to have empathy for others and the problems that surround me. I can be a little egocentric from time to time and also have some episodes of selfishness, but in the end I try to be aware of myself embracing understanding and leaving my ego aside. I can say that I love books and I am a bit obsessed with constant improvement on every way possible.

Jon Wolski




Coming soon

Matthew Schuler


Exec at Cameo and Facebook


I believe in human beings, and in you. You’re doing great. I believe that together we can refactor, replace, and evolve our systems and world. I’m looking for people who believe the same. We can work together to change the course of humanity and our planet.

Matt Lumpkin


Product in medtech and higher ed


1-yr-old got diagnosed with diabetes and built an ambient awareness wearable in his garage. Product and product design for a variety of medtech and ed companies.

Dr. Ryan Bolger


PhD education, developer


Pioneered the first accredited online degree in his industry. Currently teaches on self integration and human potential.

Luis Castro

Full Stack



Currently working from Barcelona, Spain. Making products that work fast, are easy to use, persuasive, relevant to the customer and fit in the business environment.

I have also contributed to a couple non-profit organizations like Debt-Collective creating software allowing them to accept donations and give accountability for both the end-user donating to the cause and the NGO.

I speak English (Full professional proficiency) and Spanish (Native or bilingual proficiency) and if you want to know, I love cooking, music and photography, which I combine with my love for traveling around the world and meeting new cultures.

Paul Hsu


Growth at Zynga


Venture Investor | Executive | Growth Entrepreneur Electric | disruptive technologies | building a better tomorrow, faster

Jackson Jhin

Founding Advisor

SVP at Cameo


Music producer and VC @ChicagoVentures. This is the only thing I’ve ever been famous for: Feel free to request shoutouts, compliments, or songs 🙂

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