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Matthew Schuler

Entrepreneur, Technologist, Humanitarian Scientist

Matthew Schuler grew up in Marion, Kansas with an amazing and supportive family who encouraged his interest in business, technology, and humanitarian initiatives at an early age. At 18 he was diagnosed with cancer and was given 3 months to live. At 19 he started his first business, Roshambo, before moving to South Africa where he pioneered a new humanitarian model that combined technology, business, and social good.

Today Matthew is the CEO and Chairman of Sol Industries, Inc, a global startup building technology that brings out the best in humanity. Their flagship platform Sol is the ultimate AI collaboration platform for leading scientists, technologists, and visionaries to address Earth’s major challenges.

He currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Irene Cho.

Life Timeline

Roshambo Productions

At age 19 Matthew left college to start his first business Roshambo Productions, a video production and branding agency with military and education contracts.


At age 21 he co-founded Thread, an innovative “Chipotle for t-shirts” retail store. Walk in with a photo or idea, watch the shirt get made, walk out with your tee in 8 minutes. Thread’s immense success fueled Matthew’s love of entrepreneurship.

Innovated new humanitarian models with Red Cross and NGOs

Matthew focused his business and product skills on disaster relief, climate change, and economic equality. He pioneered a new volunteer model that significantly increased impact for Red Cross and other NGOs in Greensburg and throughout the Midwest.

Well and Township Tees in South Afrika

Thrilled with the success of his humanitarian experiments, Matthew founded a nonprofit called Well to further explore humanitarian science. Initiatives included: skills training in Cape Town, rescuing whales, and delivering AIDS medications to remote areas.

Snowtone Limited

Wanting to take his ideas to the next level, at age 27 Matthew moved to Los Angeles and founded Snowtone Limited, a global agency specializing in digital products and storytelling to help world changers and research institutes scale their impact and reach.

Meta and Cameo

Seeing an opportunity to merge the worlds of business and humanitarian science, Matthew transitioned to the tech industry where he became an executive at Cameo and Meta, focusing on Product, Product Design, and Software Development.

Leaves Meta to found his life's work: Sol

Leveraging his experience across the humanitarian and tech sectors, in 2021 Matthew founded a new enterprise called Sol to build the ultimate AI collaboration platform for leading scientists, technologists, and visionaries to address Earth’s major challenges.

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