We believe personal evolution drives planetary evolution. 🌏

So we’re building a platform that helps people discover their super powers. 🧬

Local fisheries are collapsing, help diagnose and solve the problem
Ideate to help residents implement better water purification systems
Launch ocean cleanup initiatives with a community
Decrease deforestation using simulated problem solving

What if instead of one Greta Thunberg we had 100.
Or 1,000.
Or a million.

Our Values

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

🥳   Changing the world is fun as hell.

We’re a company of do-ers. Sure we like to chill in the mountains or grab dubs in Fortnite, but we also make the world better. We’re addicted to pushing ourselves and humanity forward 24/7.

🎮   Evolution is multiplayer.

Think of the people who have helped you grow. We’re about creating those same magical moments of connection for millions of people. We evolve forward faster and better with each other.

👩🏻‍🎤   Authentic creators create authentic communities.

Every person has super powers. Everyone can become an amazing creator. We authentically share our expertise and experiences with communities in a way that’s the most valuable to them and to us.

🪐   Explore the unknown, no matter how scary.

We endlessly explore both what’s out there, and what’s inside ourselves. Both can be scary. We don’t know what’s waiting for us. We explore anyway. We brave the unknown, and venture into both our own depths and the universe.

🧠   Integration connects the dots.

Too much research and knowledge ends up in a dusty filing cabinet somewhere. We need those insights to improve our lives and our communities. We learn new things, then integrate them into our mental models and relationships.

🤛🏽   Punch today in the face.

As soon as someone says something can’t be done, we immediately want to do it. We hate arbitrary limits, and refuse to accept them. We make shit happen.

🌊   Impact is the endgame.

Have you ever watched a documentary and said “k you explained the problem, I get it, but now what? How do we change it? What’s step 2?” We’re not interested in being “a starting point” or “just starting the conversation.” We put our skills and data into action.

🙌🏼   Believe.

Ted Lasso anyone?
We’re not illogical optimists. But we are strategic optimists. We believe we can tangibly change ourselves and our planet for the better. So we’re going to go do that.

These values crafted with love by our amazing team.

Meet our team


“We believe Earth’s problems are solvable.

We believe as a species we have everything we need: the skills, knowledge, entrepreneurial acumen, and resources to put a dent in these massive problems.

It’s intentionally idealistic thinking,

and we’re ok with that.”


Matthew Schuler

Interested in joining us?

We’re always open to hearing your story and seeing if there’s a fit.