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Solving the Ozone layer was just the beginning.


Our mission is to build the ultimate AI collaboration platform for leading scientists, technologists, and visionaries to address Earth’s major challenges.

We believe that harnessing AI to synthesize and visualize real-world data will provide actionable insights for our dynamic community of leading innovators.

Our goal? To catalyze solutions for the world’s most pressing issues, from climate change to gender equality to microplastics to mental health.

What we believe

We believe planetary problems are solvable.

We believe in the power of human cooperation.

The age of generative AI is here. The age of collaborative AI is coming.

We believe you are essential in shaping the future of our planet.


Our Values

“There are 30,000 days in your life. When I was 24, I realized I’m almost 9,000 days down.

I wanted my story to be an adventure with purpose, and that’s made all the difference.”

🧠 Make the complex clear.

Simplification destroys nuance and truth. Complex problems require complex solutions. We embrace complexity and make it clear, understandable, and actionable.

⛰️ Challenge unleashes potential.

Adversity creates outliers. People who can do things others can’t. Challenge accelerates growth and unlocks abilities and grit you never knew you had.

🌈 You belong here.

You’re part of the magic of this place. The world needs what you have. We don’t need you to be someone else, we already have one of them. We need you.

🧬 Data is beautiful.

We believe in science with style. We believe in data-driven creativity and innovation. We are relentless data hunters discovering the best information and insights.

✊ Impact is the new currency.

And transparency is the differentiator. Altruism + capitalism is the mechanism that enables scalable, sustainable planetary solutions.

🤝 Pioneer new forms of human connection.

Human connection is deep and nuanced. We fiercely innovate digital forms of connection that make more of that spectrum possible online.

💪 Stay battle ready.

We believe in mastering ourselves and staying in “game shape” at all times. The world can shift overnight, and the success of our mission depends on our ability to be mentally and physically ready for any challenge at a moment’s notice. We are our planet’s first responders.

🧬 ✨ 🌏

Interested in joining us?

We’re always open to hearing your story and seeing if there’s a fit.

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