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I thought it might be interesting to livestream our process as we start up. I remember listening to the Startup podcast and finding it helpful, so I wondered if a more realtime look behind the scenes might be interesting.

I’ll mainly be chatting about business decisions and the ups and downs of negotiating them, the fundraising process and what we’re learning (as well as the mistakes we’re making), and building our product.

On the product building side of things, I’ll likely focus on design and how to solve a user’s problems. I’ll show my process as well as the end result, and the decisions I make along the way. Hopefully you’ll get some value from seeing a real product come to life.

I’m very open to questions and ideas from the community, so if there’s something you’d like to know more about or other parts of product building and company building I’m not touching on, feel free to shoot them over. Would love these streams to be as helpful as possible.

See you around, below is a link to our channel.

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