With Sol, you own your data. And it travels with you. Many platforms require you to leave your data behind when you leave the platform, creating holes in your own learning history. With Sol, your data can interface with almost any system, giving you complete freedom to utilize other apps, trackers, and APIs to your heart’s content. Or export it and transfer it to any system you choose.

Your data is your digital DNA, and you have complete freedom over how, and when, that data is used.

With Sol, not only do you own your data, you determine who sees your data on a granular level. Let’s say you’re learning advanced astrophysics. That’s pretty badass, so you might want to share your progress on that Pathway with other Learners. But you might also be working on communication techniques to improve your marriage. That progress you may only want to share with a trusted close mentor or close friend. You determine the length of time, and the levels of access, for every piece of data in your robust leaning profile and history.

Giving you complete control of your own data is something no app or platform has ever been willing to do before. We are breaking new ground, and we are excited to be the first platform to empower users in this unprecedented way.

We believe your data belongs to you, and we make it easy for you to use your data in any way you see fit. Your entire digital learning genome is yours to wield as you choose. What will you do?

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