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Sol Verifier

Round 2

⚡️  One last round to becoming an official Sol verifier.

🏆  Being a verifier means you can determine who is accepted into Sol’s exclusive network.

✨  It also means you can make a significant living.

🍻  Please follow the steps below to enter Round 2.

Round 2 Steps

1. Decide on one project you have done that represents you skill level well

2. Record 5 minute video of you walking through the project

3. Be as honest as possible, including both things you did well and things you did not do well that you learned from – people who are extremely honest are much more likely to become a Verifier

4. Submit your video using the form below. Remember to use the same email address you used during Round 1

Here are a few tools we love for recording and submitting videos. Hopefully these tips are helpful.


Loom is FREE for recording 5 minutes videos.

It shares your screen and records your camera at the same time. Magic. 🧙‍♂️

You can check out Loom here.

Screencastify is a Chrome Extension and it saves your videos to Google Drive.

The only tricky thing – you’ll need to make sure to give you computer permission for your webcam and microphone, and also give your computer permission to share screen.

You can check out Screencastify here. is about as stripped down as you can get.

It works in your browser and you need to download the video afterward and post it to YouTube.

You can check it out here.

Ready to submit your video?

Use the form below to add your video link. Remember to use the same email you used during Round 1.

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