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Explore all knowledge on planet Earth. See what it’s like to be a SpaceX rocket scientist, or a frontline healthcare worker. See the skills it takes to get there.

Prototype your life. career. skills. goals.

Instead of spending years on a winding career path, create an intentional Pathway that 100% fits you and your goals.

You start right where you are. And from here you can go anywhere.
Learn alongside friends and others like you.
Reach max level. Evolve in any area of life.
Get feedback from experts who know wtf they’re doing.

Use Pathways to map your journey.

  • Identify your skills and values
  • Try careers before you commit
  • Efficiently learn from experts
  • Use your skills to make real world impact
Start exploring pathways

How it works

Visualize your journey with Pathways. A Pathway is a map of every step to reach your destination or goal.

Level up

in months

not years.

With Sol learning new skills or changing careers takes days or months, not years. Level up at max speed.

Start leveling up


Product Manager at Uber, would love to help you get into tech 🙂

944 learners helped

Tara Gilboa

Advisor. I love helping founders think like scientists. M13

207 founders coached

Matthew Schuler

Head of Design at Cameo & Facebook

1.2k portfolios reviewed

You’re not


Sol is a safe space for people serious about leveling up. Find support, get feedback, help each other out, share your journey, celebrate wins together.

Explore communities
Become a Creator

Help the world.

Use what you’ve learned to solve real world problems. Help turn the tide on Earth’s greatest challenges.

Local fisheries are collapsing, help diagnose and solve the problem
Ideate to help residents implement better water purification systems
Launch ocean cleanup initiatives with a community
Decrease deforestation using simulated problem solving

Complete Bounties

We've pioneered a new mastery-centered approach that reduces the time to master any skill from years to months, at a fraction of the cost.

Earn Mind, Body, Nu

Learn skills across all domains – Mind, Body, and Nu. Mind involves cognitive skills like physics. Body is physical skills like woodworking. Nu is relational skills like nonviolent communication.

Earn awesome NFTs

New tech maps content directly to you as a person and tailors skills and knowledge training to match your individual learning style. Like a brainprint.

Expand Yourself

We integrate the latest neuroscience and psychological research to make learning feel natural. As humans we’re learning new skills every day. But we don’t sit through boring classes to do it.

Create real impact

Once you reach a certain level, apply what you know to solve real world problems. We partner with cities and regions to apply skills to difficult problems.

You Dashboard

Sol includes the total human experience. From hard skills to soft skills to physical skills, see your progress on all goals simultaneously. And track your progress toward your destination.

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