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The Body of the Earth


D uring the prologue that begins humanity’s origin story in the ancient Egyptian scriptures, the ancient Phoenician scriptures, and the ancient Judaic scriptures, adam is created from adama. Human from earth.

In each story the human we know as Adam (which is just a transliteration of an ancient Hebrew word), stretches up from the Earth as he is born. He evolves from dust, rises from the depths as a walking extension of the ground.

We both breathe. We breathe in fresh oxygen to nourish our cells, then breath out the carbon dioxide left behind. Plants and trees breathe too, they breathe in carbon dioxide for nourishment, and breathe out the fresh oxygen left behind. We breathe, then the earth breathes. We breath out, the earth breathes in. The earth breathes out, we breath in.

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Where The Wild Things Were

    This pathway provides training on the latest ecological research and integrates it with personal wholeness. It covers up-and-coming technologies that help balance the world’s consumption and production with nature’s systems and processes.


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