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T hese days everyone loves to talk about the other. It’s in our books, our films, and our mosques, our sermons. But few can communicate well what being other is actually like.

I grew up idolizing the wondrous adventures of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. I loved her battle against the Wicked Witch as she struggled against airborne monkeys and man-eating trees to find her way home. We hated the Witch – she was mean, evil, and worst of all, she looked weird. Her awful discolored green skin was completely unnerving, so we all empathized with poor innocent Dorothy and her adorable little dog. Then Wicked came along. It challenged our assumptions and it asked new questions about a very old story.

What if…?

And now there’s Game of Thrones. Which, it turns out, has a lot to say about the racism in America and how it works.

He’s a White guy, I’m an Asian woman.

It can get heated, but mostly it’s been a space

For questions.

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GoT And Racism In America


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