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One of the best ways to scale your engagement on Sol is by promoting to your audience.

Don’t worry, contrary to popular belief this actually doesn’t annoy people.

Your audience is hungry to learn from you.

Give them what they want!

Below you can find our official promo kits for various platforms. These promo assets, copy and talking points are for you to use to let people know what you’re offering on Sol.

You know your audience. Feel free to copy/paste, revise or write in your own voice.

Wondering how often to promote? Or the best strategy? Use our FAQs below.


Download Twitter Kit

Sample tweets

Feel free to use the example tweets below as a starting point, and add your own voice.

Raw materials

Here are the raw assets you can download to compose your own tweets.

Tweet Copy

You can copy and paste the text below. And feel free to add your own voice!

Copy for promoting your Profile:

  • So, so thankful for this community and all of the support along the way. If anyone wants or needs mentoring or support I’m always a click away on Sol. Sending you all kind words and love!
  • Seeing friends face more unexpected layoffs and for anyone polishing up their resume, I wanted to try to do something small to help. I just started a new project to help designers update their resume and portfolio, give career advice, and connect them with opportunities. See you over there 👋
  • Excited to see that there’s a bit of interest with this! Opening it up to more people, you should be able to sign up for my new DesignChaps group chat. We support each other, offer feedback, and share our journeys together. See you over there! 👋
  • I’m beyond excited (and still in a bit of disbelief!) to share that I’m one of the first creators to start using Sol! It’s a wild and fun community built for professional support and helping people create real positive impact in their life and work. I hope to see you there! 🤗✨

Copy for promoting your Mission:

  • 1. Authenticity is essential. The overall goal with promoting missions is to be incredibly genuine and focused on your excitement.
  • 2. Create an opening hook. What exactly this is “Shooting your neighborhood as meditation.” Why this is important “to improve mental health.” Mash this together into one line “New mission dropped! It’s about photography as meditation. Shoot your neighborhood as a way of seeing your environment in a new way and improving mental health”
  • 3. Create social proof. Create a second line that says a little more about why it’s awesome for you or others. “I use this exact flow when need a mental boost and it helps a LOT, and it’s helped a lot of my colleagues as well.”
  • 4. Optional: Educating your audience on what a Mission is. New interesting way to learn, **learning through impact** What’s a mission? A way to practice a skill that has real world impact.
  • 5. Paste the link to your mission. You can check how the link will look on each platform below:
  • 6. How often should I promote? You know your audience, but here’s what we’ve found to work well. On Twitter – Promoting once a day works extremely well. This may feel like it’s too much, but with all the noise out there, it’s actually probably on the low side.
A good example

Thread Copy

Example Twitter Thread Copy:

  • Starting today, I’m offering 1:1 calls for anyone interested in UX Design, and a subscription group chat focused on transitioning your career into Design from other roles. Let me tell you a bit about why. 🧵
  • For a long time I wrestled with three questions: Who am I? What am I good at? What do I care about? And is there a job where I can combine them all? Honestly this was a nightmare to figure out. And I don’t think I’m alone there 😆
  • I tried working as an ESL teacher, a hospital chaplain, a web designer / developer and a bunch of other jobs just to pay the rent and put food on the table. Each of those roles had parts that made me come alive and parts that felt like, well, work.
  • The truth is, I didn’t know much about most jobs beyond the title, let alone what skills were involved or whether I had any of them. Is it any wonder I only tried jobs that I had seen as a kid in rural Arkansas? 😂  But with each step on the journey I could see more of the landscape.
  • And I met people who seemed to be playing a different game than I was. Most of these ppl weren’t formal mentors. But they were willing to ask me tough questions and challenge my assumptions about the world and my place in it.
  • Just being around some of these people sparked pivotal moments where my whole perspective on myself my work shifted 🤯  I started to map out what parts of work I wanted more of, what skills I was missing, and what steps I needed to take to move that direction.
  • Now, over a decade into working as a UX Designer across several industries, I keep my eye out for people who are exploring. When I hear self-limiting beliefs I challenge them. And I make time for people who are squinting to see the path to work that matters to them.
  • This is why I’m so excited about Sol. It’s a space, purpose built for exploring the landscape of possible careers that you’ve never seen up close. And a community of people like me supporting others on their journey to meaningful work. Come explore your future with us.


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