THIS PLATFORM IS IN ALPHA. If you download a Pre-Release version of the Sol platform as defined in Sec VI. of our Terms of Service, the specific rules set forth in that section regarding Beta Testing will apply and govern your use of any such Pre-Release Platform build. Without limiting any of the Sol Terms, you specifically acknowledge and agree that you understand the nature of such Alpha or Beta testing, (i.e. that you may experience bugs, crashes, and the like, or that the Pre-Release Platforms may be changed or redesigned subsequently). Nothing contained in the foregoing shall be considered a breach by Sol of any of the Sol Terms or a failure of Sol to deliver the Platform.

July 15, 2016

The Economic Divide Goes Physical

Price: $1299.99 Pathway teaser:   "We've all known that the day would come when we'd…
April 21, 2013

Where The Wild Things Were

Price: $1199.99 Pathway teaser: The Body of the Earth   D uring the prologue that…
March 23, 2013

GoT And Racism In America

Price: $1294.99 Pathway Teaser: T hese days everyone loves to talk about the other. It’s…
March 21, 2013

Go Humans Go

Coming soon.