Sol’s mission is to turn the tide on Earth’s greatest challenges. We integrate advanced skills training and personal development to help you and the planet reach max level.

Integrated evolution.

We believe in helping people level up in the dimension of life they most want or need.


Download new concepts and cognitive skills. Like learning astrophysics or quantum mechanics.

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Upgrade your physical body through training, yoga, balance, and other body leveling activities.

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Upgrade your connections with others. Better comms with your partner or fighting systemic racism.

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Decrease deforestation using simulated problem solving
Brainstorm ocean cleanup ideas with a community
Measure the impact of your contributions
Apply your skills to reverse income inequality
Help create solutions for a critical outbreak
Ideate to help residents implement better water purification systems
Deep sea discoveries could revolutionize medicine, help innovate
Local fisheries are collapsing, help them diagnose and solve the problem


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
– R. Buckminster Fuller

We fight the default of exclusion.

Inequality and exclusion are currently the defaults in technology development. Without intentional effort to address barriers to access, we inherit those failings and worsen the problem. Building a diverse team is imperative. We will never achieve our mission without diverse perspectives to the table.

We are open by default.

We value openness and transparency both with our users and with our team. By keeping information closed only when it is absolutely unavoidable, we open bottlenecks, break silos, and invite team members to make decisions with full context. We’re real and tell it like it is. We’re not afraid to be vulnerable, or wrong, and we accept the transparency and vulnerability of others with judgment.

We make the complex clear.

We aren’t afraid of complexity, we dive into it. We make connections to form the simple path through the IKEA store that leads to the full warehouse of human knowledge and practice. We believe great products, and the world, need both.

You have godlike visibility and control of your data. Period.

We believe each person own their data and should have full visibility and control over it and how it is used. Every user can easily see and understand how their personal data is being leveraged throughout the Sol ecosystem. They also have complete control to remove or restrain any aspect of their data.

So what’s step 2?

We answer the question you’re left with after you watch the documentary or listen to the podcast. Ok, so what now? What can we do about it? We’re here to discover and implement Step 2, the subsequent step that actually solves the problem.