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max level.

Sol is a cloud-based human development platform that puts you in the driver’s seat. You can learn whatever you want, whenever you want, in a way that fits your unique brainprint.

A life prototyping tool.

Discovery who you are, who you could be, and then close the gap.

Become Anything

Both online ed and traditional ed don’t really give a crap about you. You could be anyone. It’s their content take it or leave it.

Become Anything

We help you deeply master new skills through community-based learning and iteration.

Level up through community.

Use what you’ve learned to solve real world problems.

Vertical development.

Use what you’ve learned to solve real world problems.

Help Earth reach max level.

Use what you’ve learned to solve real world problems.

Level Fast

We've pioneered a new mastery-centered approach that reduces the time to master any skill from years to months, at a fraction of the cost.

Virtual Knowledge Universe

Learn skills across all domains – Mind, Body, and Nu. Mind involves cognitive skills like physics. Body is physical skills like woodworking. Nu is relational skills like nonviolent communication.

It's Personal

New tech maps content directly to you as a person and tailors skills and knowledge training to match your individual learning style. Like a brainprint.

Expand Yourself

We integrate the latest neuroscience and psychological research to make learning feel natural. As humans we’re learning new skills every day. But we don’t sit through boring classes to do it.

Take Action

Once you reach a certain level, apply what you know to solve real world problems. We partner with cities and regions to apply skills to difficult problems.

You Dashboard

Sol includes the total human experience. From hard skills to soft skills to physical skills, see your progress on all goals simultaneously. And track your progress toward your destination.

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