A Virtual Universe for Earth.

Earth’s knowledge. For everyone.

Sol is currently in Pre-Alpha.

Sol is a new human development platform that integrates education, technology, and growth.

The Sol platform allows organizations like educational institutions, businesses, nonprofits, & individuals to access a Virtual Universe of content. This content can be shaped into professional degree programs or personal growth maps that facilitate skill mastery.

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Our 3 Cores.

Sol is a multi-core platform. It combines Education, Technology, and Growth to help you develop as quickly and completely as possible.


Until now, Earth's knowledge has been divided. We decided it was time to change that. Welcome to Earth's largest knowledge network.

The Largest Knowledge Network

We can’t say too much until our patent clears, but we can’t wait to tell you more.

Technology and Science

Sol is inventing new technologies that map content directly onto you as a person. It knows how you learn best, and tailors the universe to your style.

Expand Yourself

We have integrated the latest educational models that preference natural human learning experiences in order to maximize skill mastery and personal transformation.


Human growth occurs externally and internally. Sol facilitates both.

The Human Experience

Everyone engages extradimensional experiences differently, and some of us don’t experience them at all. Sol encompasses the totality of the human experience on Earth.

Current development timeline.



We are currently constructing our platform's systems and stress-testing our conceptual framework. There is still a fair amount of research needed at this point, so it's a lot of late night tinkering in our offices and garages.


This is a review phase. Once Sol's conceptual framework is reviewed by our planet's top innovators, researchers, UX designers, game designers, and educators, we will move to Alpha.


This is where the real fun begins. We're at least 3 years out from Alpha, but this is when you'll get to download the platform, experience it for yourself, and help us refine it. This is the primary phase for tweaking the Virtual Universe and balancing it for skill mastery.

More information will be available soon.

We will begin releasing Devcasts in the coming months, check back soon for more information.


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