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“We’ve all known that the day would come when we’d have to decide whether
or not to allow the reconfiguration of human beings through genetic technology. Well, that day is now.”

– Dr. David King, editor of GenEthics News in London


A s a species, we have relied on genetic modification long before we began writing in caves, constructing pyramids, or inventing religions. In fact, our crowning achievement from that primordial era is still a major commodity in our modern world, garnering $2.31 billion in sales last year alone.

Our genetic blockbuster? Dogs.

There is no “natural” dog on earth today. Dog breeds were produced by centuries of selective breeding, a process that was used to maximize desired traits like particular fur colors or better hunting instincts. Any puppy that did not exhibit the desired traits was killed, and eventually human beings intentionally evolved dogs into over 300 different breeds, all exhibiting rough approximations of homogenous characteristics.

Price: $1299.99
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The Economic Divide Goes Physical

Embracing genetic modification with all four arms

    This pathway provides training on the latest innovations in bioengineering and how those innovations will impact various people groups around the world. Specifically, we will look at economic disparity and those who will benefit most from genetic modification. And those who won’t.


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