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What is Sol?

Sol empowers creators to map out skill and career pathways visually so learners can explore the best resources available online as curated by leading industry voices.

It also provides a means for learners to get direct feedback and coaching from creators.

Why does Sol exist?

Sol exists to be a safe space for creators and makers. Find support, get feedback, help each other out, share your journey, celebrate wins together.

Why be a Creator on Sol?

  1. Get off the content treadmill
  2. Truly own your audience
  3. Move from competition to collaboration

Sol empowers anyone with expertise to have more interesting, rewarding, and valuable conversations with people learning their craft.

Offer your services for free to some learners, to pay forward generosity, or charge a fair price for their time and attention to those who can afford it.

Two ways to get involved.

Apply to be a Founding Creator ✨

We have a very limited number of Founding Creator spots available. As a Founding Creator you will have concierge access to the Sol Product Team to share your ideas and suggestions.

  • Direct access the Sol product team to share feedback and ideas
  • Receive ownership in one of the top 50 hottest startups in the country
  • Pioneer a new way of online learning tailored to creators
  • Build the future of human development
Apply to be a Creator

Refer a creator who would love this 👩🏻‍🎤

We have a very limited number of Founding Creator spots available. If you know someone amazing who would love to share their expertise with the next wave of world changers please send us their social handles below and we will reach out! 🙌🏼